31 Women from the Bible – Esther

Esther Chapters 1 – 10

          Esther laid her head back and tried to relax as one young servant girl worked fragrant oil through her hair and another massaged her feet. But as relaxed as her body may have appeared, Esther’s mind was in turmoil. She had just gotten news from her uncle Mordecai about a sinister plot to destroy all the Jews in Persia. Mordecai seemed to think Esther was their only hop.e As queen on Persia, Esther had many privileges. But running to the king with every problem wasn’t one of them. If the king wasn’t pleased to see her, he could simply decide to have her killed.

          Esther thought about the former queen, Vashti, and knew her position wasn’t as secure as some might think. Had God actually put her here just so that she could save her people? Did He actually work that way? And did He expect her to take such a risk? Esther rubbed her aching head. There was just so much at stake her. The back of her neck pricked with fear when she thought of going to see the king without being invited. But deep down, Esther’s decision had already been made. She would go to the king, invitation or no. And when he asked why she cared, she would reveal her full identity – that she, Esther, was actually Hadassah.


          Esther was beautiful.But she didn’t become queen because of that. Esther was gracious. But she didn’t become queen because of that. Esther pleased King Ahasuerus, but she didn’t even become queen because of that. She became queen because God needed her in all that position, where she could act to save her people.  All throughout her childhood with Mordecai and her preparations to go from the harem to be with the king, God was  preparing Esther for her moment of destiny.


          God uses His people to bring about His purpose. In this case, God used Esther to save His people from annihilation. She was put into her positions as queen “:for such a time as things” (Esther 4:14 NKJV). g God has a special purpose for you as well.You many not be a queen who stakes steps in to save her people, but you’re the exact mother God chose for your children, you’re the exact woman for the job in your workplace or church, you’re the one God want to use. 

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