31 Women from the Bible – Noah’s Wife

          Mrs. Noah was not a nobody, but rather a real somebody fulfilling her feminine role. She obeyed God by submitting to her husband’s leadership. Noah, being a righteous man (6:9) would not have abused his position or corrupted it into tyranny. She faithfully helped Noah during several hundred years of farming (5:29), up to 120 years of boat-building, more than a year of zoo-keeping (under divine guidance) on an enormous houseboat, then during a few hundred years of farming with a side-line in wine-making (Genesis 9). She also supported him in his preaching ministry (2 Peter 2:5).

          Nobody without faith could have done what she did. How otherwise could she have backed her husband in building a large ocean-going vessel to escape a flood when she had never even seen rain (2:5-6)? Without faith how could she have raised three sons with hammering in her ears as a constant reminder of the coming doom? Without faith how could she have stepped on the Ark and left nearly everything behind? She must have believed that God could and would save them as He had promised. She was probably aware that her husband was destined for a special service to God when she married him. Lamech had named Noah from a word meaning “rest” because God had revealed to him that this son would bring rest to God’s people (5:29).

          What courage and determination she must have possessed to sustain her lonely position; to face the destruction of everything she knew. What spiritual strength would have been necessary to endure the hostility and ridicule. Nothing but sheer steel could have weathered the cries of those drowning. Great grace must have been granted for her to be shut in with seven others and many thousands of animals for more than a year. Only uncommon courage could face what she first viewed from the mountains of Ararat where the Ark lodged: the totally transformed world with its fossil reminders of death and destruction.

This woman a nobody? She must have been one of the greatest women who ever lived. It matters not that her name wasn’t recorded. She impacted the world’s history for ever.

How did she do it? She did it by being a godly wife and mother. She was married to a “savior,” Noah, who was used of God to save believers from physical death in the Flood and therefore the world’s population from extinction. Her oldest son, Shem, was the ancestor of the Jews. From this nation came Jesus, the incarnate Creator and Savior. By His death on the cross He gave salvation from spiritual death to all believers. He is the only One who can save us from everlasting destruction in Hell. He is the only One who can deliver us when our world is destroyed by fire (2 Peter 3:7). He has promised to come back and collect His own (2 Peter 3:4ff).

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