Black History Month

Every February we pause to celebrate Black History Month.  We want to give God thanks for our great country the U.S.A, a country that welcomes people from all lands to make this their home. 

In this article I want to highlight some historic events that make our history so rich, these events are as follows:

 1. In 1863 Abraham Lincoln signs the Emancipation Proclamation to free slaves in the Southern States.

 2. In 1941 the War Department forms the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American unit of combat pilots

 3. In 1963 the Civil Rights Movement reaches its climax with a massive march on Washington, D.C.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his famous “I HAVE A DREAM” SPEECH.

 4. In 2008 President Barack Obama wins the election to become the first African-American President in U.S. history.

 As I close it is my prayer that the Almighty God will continue to bless and protect our great country, and that the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ be preached throughout this land and that the Holy Spirit will convince men everywhere that Jesus Christ is the answer to all of life’s problems.  Happy Black History Month.

 Historical data extracted from Positive Promotions “Famous Dates in African-American History”.


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